Small Hockey Machine picture


Peter Moores with Hockey Machine

What the coaches say about the BOLA Hockey Machine  

Olympic Games winning Coach to the Dutch National Mens team

"Given the intensity of match conditions, where a player may only get one chance to get something right - the BOLA Hockey Machine can be the difference between gold and silver!"

Hockey Coach, Kent State University, Ohio, USA
"The hockey ball machine is a great tool for the training of goalkeepers as well as field players. Coaches all over America are so excited when they see my team using this machine! It's a great tool."

Welsh Senior Men's Hockey Coach
"The BOLA hockey machines is a great tool for learning. It would be impossible to generate such an accurate and consisitent delivery manually."

Lancashire CCC Head Coach (Ex-England & Sussex CCC Head Coach)
"The BOLA Hockey Machine and Gimballed Turntable allows the Coach to replicate the correct tradjectory of the ball at speeds realistic to match conditions. The ability to be able to monitor the speed and directionof the ball is a considerable advantage when it comes to measuring improvement over a period of time."



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